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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Street Scene--Playing with Imagination & Composition

by Caroline , December 1, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: cityscape, composition, making art, painting, technique, watercolor

Watercolor painting of a city scene has an old town feel to it. Patrons of a sidewalk cafe add extra interest. The image is 7" by 10" and is presented in a white mat measuring 11" by 14"

Usually I paint plein air, from photographs, or from a still life set-up. This painting is just from a general memory of street scenes in any number of old town sections of various communities. I painted it during the time of was staying with my mom while my step-dad was in an out of town hospital for a difficult surgery (he's fine now). I was fooling around with different composition types, and painted a blue cross on an empty sheet of paper, and then thought about what to do with the cruciform composition. This was the result, two older brick structures with a dark passage to an alley behind, awnings stretching across the long arm of the cross. I lifted some paint for the tree area and the street. The tree shadown helped me manage a sidewalk area that did not lift well. I wish I could recall what blue I started with, obviously not a particularly staining color.




  Mickey ( homepage )

08/08/2011 * 15:59:06

My hat is off to your astute commnad over this topic-bravo!

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