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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Veteran's Plaza, Lodi CA

by Caroline , November 13, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: art events, ink, inspiration, making art

I currently have a show on gallery display called "Lodi Scenes",with a reception coming up Sunday , Nov. 15. Most of the works are local scenes in pen and ink with watercolor wash. Typically these scenes include some human activity, but this one has such a lively combination of line and shadow that it felt complete with just the structures and plants. It was done on a chilly afternoon, as I became increasingly aware as a sat on the cold concrete bench creating the drawing!

This drawing of the Veteran's Memorial Plaza in Lodi, California is a continuous line drawing showing the stone work of the memorial, the surrounding park like setting, with city buildings in the distance. A watercolor wash adds color, but the ink lines carry the painting. The energy which such drawings carry helps emphasize the enduring honor and memory which the memorial signifies.



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