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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Sketchbook in the Redwoods

by Caroline , November 5, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Sketchbook, making art, nature, watercolor

A recent week, renting a cabin in the Coastal Redwoods south of San Francisco, allowed plenty of time for hiking and sketching with paints or pencil. One afternoon, after spending the morning on plein aire painting of what may be the world's tallest covered bridge, I had an urge to do a watercolor sketch of the base of one of the giant redwoods. We walked back into Henry Cowell State Park to a grove of the ancient giants where I was able to paint seated on a comfy log bench. The way the base of these trees grows I like to imagine they are curling their toes into the forest floor to hang on when the wind blows against their towering forms. It's easy to believe there are a few Ents among the true trees. I portrayed a few of the abundant ferns which were as scraggly as they get in their dryest time of year. Little more than a week after my return home the rains have been coming down heavily and the smell of damp will have returned to the forest and brilliant yellow banana slugs will be seen making their way through this rain forest.



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