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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Apple Basket

by Caroline , October 29, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Clay board, Still Life, color, inspiration, light, making art, materials, pastel, technique

A basket of green Granny Smith apples, gathered to bake a pie, sits on the counter. The rich Aztec gold shade of the wall provides a good complement to the apple green.

I've painted this on the wonderfully toothy pastelbord by Claybord in early Octover. This was a first attempt with this surface, and I discovered that I really love it. I bought some more next time I was in an art store. Most of the painting here was done with side strokes, using edges only for those areas where clear lines needed to be drawn, the crispest of these being the apple stems. The blue of the shadows was also used to create added interest by breaking up the bloks of color in the background surfaces. Near whites highlight the reflections on the apple surfaces.

Personal note on this one--I picked these apples to make pies. Then a glance at the basket on the counter told me I had to paint it as a pastel first. The pies were delicious.



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