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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Open Studios...what could have been better?

by Caroline , October 17, 2008—02:55 PM

Topics: art business, marketing and promotion

All of the artists who participated in the recent Open Studios Tour in my community will meet on November 10 to hash over this year's and look toward next year.

I love opening the studio, but at the moment I'm going to dwell on the "what could have been better". Well, the first problem was out of our control. The weather was clear but we had a blustery wind on the Saturday. Several people on Sunday told me they stayed home on Saturday even though it meant they would not be able to visit all the studios. The only reason to mention this is that any event can always be affected by the weather. Last year was perfect. Next year may also be. Most mid Octobers here have weather about as perfect as it can get--so for first timers that is not a reason to give up.

Not enough visitors at my house. Two reasons. One was that I am a bit off the beaten path, so if people were short on time they could decide to skip my place. Secondly, I did not work hard enough on personal publicity. Artists--no one cares about your success like you do. Any event has its event publicity, but I know it is also necessary to work some of your own. Next year I intend to send out flyers of my own in addition to the postcards from the event-as-a-whole. I will emphasize entering though the garden where art is also displayed (weather permitting). My husband also had a good suggestion of getting invitations out to all the neighbors--visit me as a neighbor, buy a ticket if it is so much fun that you want ot see the other studios too.

The organization for next year's tour needs to start earlier. That will allow us to create wider "buzz" and to recruit more participating artists. (More in my area, I hope)



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