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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Fall Waterfall

by Caroline , September 30, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Landscape, art events, dry brush, poured paint, watercolor, wet on wet painting

I put this piece on hold after deciding to frame it and use it as my show piece for a preview of artists who are in this years' Open Studios Tour, October 11 and 12. I'm busily painting, framing, and cleaning the studio in preparation for what I hope will be flocks of visitors, although I'll settle for dribbles. My biggest drawback this year is that I am not located near any other artist on the tour, but the advantage is that I could be an easy first stop for anyone "on the way" from any area south of the larger cluster of artists in town.

Watercolor with the intense flow of poured paint creates the heart of this almost abstract landscape. The brilliant red tones of autumnal trees are complimented by the green moss on the rocks of the falls. This started as a big blue blob of paint that had been poured on the paper and encouraged to flow about. The vapor of the falls and lighted shades within the falls were done by lifting dried paint with a large wet brush. Most of the details were put in using wet on wet technique in a rather random pattern. Then I came in with a dryer brush after the painting had dried and put some hard edges to mark movement from one tree to another and to build the rocks. Then I added a bit more shadow in the forest area.



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