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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Capturing the Gold

by Caroline , September 25, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Landscape, making art, oils, shadow, technique

Tourists film the Golden Gate Bridge, recording memories of the magical city of San Francisco on a day when the fog broke to glorious sun over a sparkling bay. This oil painting is 6" by 8". Strong shadow emphasizes the brightness of the sun and records the movement and body language of the figures.

Shadows were extremely important in establishing the mood of this piece because they do so much to delineate the forms. Both figures are focused outward toward the landscape before them. He bends well back to capture just the right angles on the bridge. Her posture is more relaxed and the viewer can imagine her scanning the bay and beyond, pausing to focus on item of itnerest

The marine layer in the background both breaks the monotony of a blue sky and tells a story and the shifting coastal atmosphere, in which the brilliance of the day is not a given and is thus more precious.

I painted this in studio from a photo, but I also had a sketch of the bridge I had done that same day in which I had focused on the shadows of the near tower.



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