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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Eastern Sierra Autumn--The Fun of Discovery

by Caroline , September 17, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Landscape, ink, making art, mixed media, technique, watercolor, wet on wet painting

Watercolor and sepia ink come together to create this autumnal landscape. It was created by a method I regard as pur fun. First working very wet, watercolor is poured or dropped by brush onto watercolor paper. Move the paper around a bit to get the pigment moving. Keep adding pigment is color appear to pale remembering that watercolor dries lighter. Then I set aside the paper to dry completely.

Next comes discovery. What images can you find in these accidental splashes of color? What media are best from bringing them out? Here I used ink, choosing the sepia color because it harmonizes well with the fall colors and mood. In my finished product distant blue skies are seen through scattered clouds, peaks of the Sierra Nevada rise in the distance. A forest of aspens flames in reds and yellows. Cattle graze in pasture greened by the flow of springs which also feed the stream passing through the meadow. A stone cabin to the right is shaded by the lone evergreen.

In my painting "Primeval Forest" I used watercolor in a more controlled dry brush technique to create detail. The initial abstract colored sheet could have also provided background for collage or pastel work. However used this is an approach that invites playfulness, fun, and creativity.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

08/03/2014 * 17:50:48

Thank you for your comment. Yes, William, the color comes first. Only when it is dry--not just dry to the touch, but also no longer cool to the touch from remaining moisture-is the ink applied. I enjoy paintings where I exercise control in creating watercolor images, but I find this kind of work particularly relaxing and fun.


  William Covington

07/27/2014 * 16:38:48

Hello - Am I right in thinking after you did the wet into wet wash, you applied the sepia ink when the painting was dry? Picking out the shapes as they appeared.

Thank you.

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