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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Pear with Apple

by Caroline , September 9, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Still Life, acrylic, color, inspiration, light, making art, shadow

I've been off the blog for a time, and with much reduced art activities as the needs of my extended family made ofr a busy and stressful August. This little still life is one of the few things I completed. I enjoyed working in strong colors and playing with reflected light as well as deep shadow.

Certain images, such as pears and calla lilies, have such simplicity and grace of form that they are always a pleasure to paint and often charm viewers. I suppose everyone has their own go-to favorites when they just need to paint something even it life and time are pressing in upon them. Pears are definitely one of mine. I may share another recent pear on a different blog entry, one with a totally different approach.

The fruits of autumn, a golden pear and bright red apple are painted in acrylic on 5" by 7" wrapped canvas. The painting extends around the sides, an absolute must if there is any chance that a purchaser might want to show it unframed. A mid-tone purple backgound compliments the yellow pear, and reflected color breaks up the white of the table covering. The art looks good on the wall, but it could also be displayed on a small table top easel.




  Bradley ( homepage )

09/27/2012 * 18:24:40

Caroline - Love your blog site Andi! Happy you were part of our ceremony to exereipnce the korean wedding traditions too! Love all the colors of the costumes, they came out so vivid!Your comments are funny too I like how it reflects your super fun/quirky personality to all your posts! Take care!Caroline

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