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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Monochromatic Painting

by Caroline , August 9, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Landscape, Yupo, color, making art, materials, technique, watercolor

My latest ArtId listing is a monochromatic painting of a river, riparian forest, and rising moon emerging from a cloud bank is all in shades of blue. I once did a river scene with a swan floating in a wide pool and distant castle turrets above dense forest growth entirely in greens. It sold at its first showing, a small works competition.

These pieces are great lessons in establishing values within a painting, for that is the only tool you have to keep the forms from getting lost in one another and giving form to the objects in your painting. In watercolor the amount of water used and the number of washes are the control for the values. The unique characteristics of the yupo surface, it's lack of absorbency, helped keep the darks stronger in this piece, and the water result was great for the river, clouds, and the dreamly feel of a night time scene.




  Zander Lassen ( homepage )

08/10/2008 * 10:25:30

Hi Caroline- I dig this painting! It feels like you have the intensity of the canvas or the picture plane, strong design, space and enticing brush work. It seems looser and more fluid than your other work but still in control. I just packed my watercolor box for my vacation in Maine this week and I hope to have something to show when I return. Best wishes- Zander

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