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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Sharpening Up a Previous Effort for Show

by Caroline , August 4, 2008—06:03 PM

Topics: acrylic, art events, color, flowers, painting, plein air

I was recently asked to do a show at the Lodi Wine and Visitors Center. I decided to feature floral and still life works, and I will be hanging the show later this week. As I worked to assemble an appropriate collection which would include a good number of pieces not yet shown in Lodi, I focused on a small (8" by 10") acrylic which I painted plien air in my backyard on a breezy March day. I wrote about it in my ArtId blog right after I painted it.

Now that it was going to go out into the world and be seen, I decided it needed to go from the look of an acrylic sketch to a painting with some punch. I did some outlining in sap green and then worked with sap green, Naples yellow, and lemon for more variety and a feeling of more definition in the unfocused background while still keeping it abstract.



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