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Caroline Henry Art Blog

The All Important Sktech Book

by Caroline , July 26, 2008—04:38 PM

Topics: Sketchbook, making art, pencil drawing, plein air, the artist's life, watercolor

This is a set of sketches I made last weekend at the UC Santa Cruz arboretum. These are in pencil and watercolor, done in a watercolorist's sketchbook, wire bound, watercolor paper, hard cover, 10" X 7" pages. It fits easily into a backpack with drawing tools,a small watercolor palette, and a tube of brushes with room left over for lunch, camera, binoculars, and a field book.

I can't say enough good things about carrying some sort of sketchbook all the time--it is a chance to capture colors, atmospherics, and shadow in a way that your camera won't; it's practice in stolen moments in your busy day, it passes time when yu have to wait. In fact, yesterday my son and I both went to an Indian Rancheria Casino about an hour's drive from home to take the Jeopardy pretest and arrived two hours ahead of schedule to make sure we were among the 1,000 who could enter. I had drawing materials as well as a novel with me, and it was sketching that particularly helped the time pass in the hot, outdoor setting. And don't you love those positives from onlookers! (As for the Jeopardy testing, I easily passed the pretest, but did not get beyond the second round today. The whole process was fun and worth doing again.)




  Zander Lassen ( homepage )

07/26/2008 * 22:31:16

Hi Caroline- Thank you for your blog post about sketchbooks. I carry mine in my backpack all the time and in a museum I tuck it in my belt like a waiter with his chit, or a cowboy ready for a quick draw! I was waiting for someone on the side of the road last week and started sketching a house, my friend drove by, called my name and waved and I didn't notice because I was so engrossed in the drawing! I take notes at work with an art pencil now in order to keep the dream alive. Best wishes and I hope your region has become more secure- Zander

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