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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Acrylics Are Acrylics

by Caroline , July 21, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: acrylics, art events, materials, shows

I happened upon The International Society of Acrylic Painters 11th Annual International Exhibition at the Santa Cruz Art League this past weekend. The sixty works chosen to represent the best in acrylics were quite wonderful. You can find out more about this exhibit and view slides of selected work at International Society of Acrylic Painters-USA

Of course I checked to see how international the show really is--after all the World Series and the Miss Universe contests both greatly exaggerate their field of competition. In this case most exhibitors were from the US with Norther Ireland also in the field. I do not know the full geographical range of entrants.

The single fact that most struck me as I looked at these works was what can be called integrity in the use of materials. These were clearly acrylics, not acrylics masquerading as other media, which they can do. On would expect, of course, that in selecting the best works in a show devoted to a specific medium the weight of judgment would come down on the side of works that showcased its unique qualities. That certainly happened in this show.

The image I included with this blog post is simply a prototypical Santa Cruz figure--the surfer whose long experience shows in his graying hair and in the way he rules the waves. And what media would this photo which I snapped Friday inspire me to?




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

07/23/2008 * 13:17:23

Thanks for the suggestion, Deb. I love your jet skier in acrylics. I'm still thinking about my surfer, though. Caroline


  Deb Ward ( homepage )

07/22/2008 * 19:35:42

Acrylics! I did a jetskiier in fluid acrylics that turned out great - so would this one!
I love that you "investigated" to see just how international the show was - sounds like something I would do!
Have fun painting this (whatever medium you choose).

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