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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Moonlit Beach

by Caroline , July 15, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Clay board, ink, light, making art, mood, scratch, sea scape, technique

On a warm summer night a young girl walks toward the surf of a quiet beach. Distant starts twinkle overhead, as the moonlight touches her shoulder and and a balmy breeze lifts her moonlit hair.Moonlight, too, gives form to the headlines off to the left. A marine layer, which could chill down the beach with fog, remains well out to sea.

This 5" by 7" drawing is scratched into india ink which coats Claybord brand scratchboard. It is presented in an 11" by 14" white mat.

I enjoy the shift in thinking necessary to "draw" in reverse, taking the ink out with the scratch tools. When drawing with pen or pencil, I occasionally let my hand wander where it will and build a coherent drawing from that. Not so with scratch. Every nick in the surface is permanent and better have its purpose. The line between a drawing that works and a disaster which loses its details is a fine one.

I am happy with this little gem--it is the sort of art which can carry me away in imagination to an idyllic place when surroundings are physically or emotionally dreary.



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