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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Fire Moon

by Caroline , July 12, 2008—12:47 PM

Topics: inspiration, light, painting, watercolor

I completed a small painting of the "Fire Moon" yesterday, this is the moon that has been hanging over the Great Central Valley of California this week, gradually waxing fuller and always reddened by the smoke in the skies. There have been mornings when a dimmed sun rose an angry red and stayed that way farther above the horizon than ought to be expected, too.

Late Thursday evening, on the edge of Friday morning, as the clock moved toward the midnight hour, it was framed by my bedroom window. There's a painting there, I thought, at last inspired by something in this smoke hazed period. I chose watercolor, where its transparency could well represent the layers of haze and various shades could blend into the grays. The moon itself I painted in a mix of transparent watercolor and gouache to avoid having it look to luminescent. I avoided hard edges on everything is the painting because I did wanted to emphasize the absence of clarity of light.

The ultimate painting for these fires would be of the heroes of the fire lines. The fire fighters who have been on one fire or another in rugged landscapes for a month or longer and continue to perform. That one is for someone else who has been at the heart of this thing, instead of out here on the edges, to paint.



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