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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Climbing the Wall

by Caroline , July 10, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: color, light, oils, painting, shadow

Vines loaded with yellow berries climb a rock wall on a fall day. Dominate colors are pinks, yellow, and green. Shadows give the work dimension. This is the sort of delightful scene that will give one reason to pause during a walk and drink in the details of shape, texture, and color.

This painting represents a detail at California's the Valley of the Moon's Jack London State Park on the former estate of the well-known author of Call of the Wild and a host of other books. I could have painted the ruins of Wolf House the dream home he started to build but never lived in. It burned, and London died at a rather young age before it was completed. HIs widow Charmain did not complete it, choosing instead to live in a smaller stone house on the property which today is a museum housing his works, objects from their extensive travels, and other items of interest to those interested in literary history.

This stone fence wall is on the grounds, and I liked the pink tones of the stone and the intense color of the flora growing against it.

As I write of this memory of a bright clear day, I'm looking out again at skies gray with smoke. Those conditions have been back this week and temperatures have been well over 100 degrees. The only break I've had from it was a day in Santa Cruz where there was some graying of the sky from the Big Sur fire, but the air felt crisp and clean. Some lovely fog rolled in and it was a pleasure to chill down.



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