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Caroline Henry Art Blog

The Light--Fantastic!

by Caroline , June 30, 2008—06:46 PM

Topics: Landscape, color, light, making art, oils

Yesterday the light was good again. For the first time in almost a week I painted, working on this coastal scene which is still far from complete. Colors look right again. They did not in the dim red-gray filter of smoke. (my last blog posting dealt with the effects of the California fires). The edges of the horizon are still marked by smoke from the various fires but a delta breeze moving through the pass where rivers flow into the San Francisco Bay has pushed much of the particulate matter away from my area. while out shopping a short while ago, I looked up and the sky was a blue bowl with a bright white egret flying directly overhead. Oh, joy!

With still some thousand forest fires burning, you can be sure there are many people still under a pall of smoke or at personal hazard. I have not forgotten that.

But I'm also thinking how important light is to our sense of well being. It is essential to us as artists, of course. But there are enough people who suffer depression in latitudes with long dark winters that light therapies have been developed.



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