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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Rescuing a Painting

by Caroline , June 21, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Still Life, acrylic, composition, making art, painting, technique

I wish I had taken a before photo of this still life. I painted with a group last Tuesday. We were working from a still life set up which included a lemon, a rose, and a cluster of rose leaves against black velvet and white linen. Most of them worked on a vertical plane, but I decided to do a horizontal composition. I did not want to center the two major items in the still life, but in my effort to get them off-center, I wound up with the center of my white rose creating a bull's eye effect at the middle of the painting. The area to the right of it was only draperies.

I liked the form of the rose, and I liked the lemon with its rich yellows, its greenish low-lights and the bright white highlight. But I knew I needed to kill the effect of all that white around circular darks at the center of this acrylic. After two days of scowling at it, I painted gray all over the rose, rubbing it back out but leaving a dulling film. Then I added the yellow rose and built up my purple folds in the black fabric a bit. With that and the help on more better shadows under the objects, I had pushed the white rose back and softened its appearance. By this time I had something I was willing to sign my name to.

All in all I enjoyed solving the problems presented by this little 8×10 still life.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

06/27/2008 * 22:11:50

Thank you for the comment, Zander. This is on canvas. Even though the stretcher bars are only 3/4" deep, I painted around the sides to give the option of framing or displaying it unframed.


  Zander Lassen ( homepage )

06/26/2008 * 22:12:06

Hi Caroline- I think that you did a great job on this painting and I like the texture of the paint and the relationship between the abstract design and the 3-d space. Did you paint on a board or canvas? Have a good one- Zander

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