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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Good Weekend in My Art World

by Caroline , June 9, 2008—04:46 PM

Topics: art events, marketing and promotion, the artist's life, watercolor

Friday evening was our community Art Hop, a monthly event where art is shown in about 10 locations in the small city of Lodi. My art group was featured at the prime spot Hutchins Street Square (pictured here) as well as in our own gallery. This was a nice double representation in which the city's arts arm worked with us to help make the public aware of our new gallery. We had one piece each at Hutchins St Sq. Nice evening, lots of good art talk, and not bad turn out for early June. I was less happy Saturday morning when I was filling an empty staffing spot at the gallery because no one else had taken it--maybe a little too grumpily aware that I do more than a fair share! Message on phone on arrival from someone who wants to buy one of the pieces that are hanging at Hutchins St. Call him. Turns out it's mine, a watercolor of a Victorian, that he finds "quite the best thing in the show". Better still when he comes to the art center gallery to pay, he commissions me to paint an historic building that I am going to love doing! By then I'm sort of having a "virtue is its own reward" feeling about doing extra staffing! Nice art news of a different nature Sunday when we attend a little 8th grade graduation party for my niece Caroline, a talented young artist. She is going to be attending a high school with a strong arts program and has been approved for advanced art class as a freshman.




  Deb Ward ( homepage )

06/11/2008 * 20:58:11

I'm so happy for you, Caroline! It's always great to sell something, get a compliment, find some interesting and refreshing art news. (Especially after a "woe is me" moment!)

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