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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Sketching along the way

by Caroline , June 7, 2008—10:37 AM

Topics: inspiration, pencil drawing, plein air, sea scape

I was in Santa Cruz earlier this week, my daughter__™s new home so doubtless my new most common place on the coast to visit, edging out Fort Bragg/Mendocino and Cambria CA. I woke up early and set out to find a cup of espresso and a fresh baked scone or muffin to accompany me on a walk to the beach. The ever present small sketch book was in the "healthy back" bag slung over my shoulder. I sketched this sitting on a bench above Sea Bright Beach. It was a pleasant spot to watch the day begin, and a big long-haired cat twined around my ankles and curled up on the bench behind me as I drew. The early morning sun made nice highlights on the lighthouse and rocks. The distance was obscured by a marine layer a mile or so off shore. I may use this as a model for a small painting. Whether I do or not, creating it was a enjoyable experience.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

06/09/2008 * 15:29:50

Zander--I like the idea about sketchbook as calling card; they do offer a unique window into the personality as well as the artistic bent of the individual.

Thank you for the suggestions regarding the flash.

This past year has been the first in my life that hasn't been built around some kind of school schedule--but schools were out in my community at the end of May but were still in session another week in most of the surrounding area.


  Zander Lassen ( homepage )

06/08/2008 * 21:41:44

Hi Caroline- nice sketch, what a perfect environment you created for yourself to sketch in! I like to think that our sketchbooks are like calling cards and imagine that if I were to meet Jasper Johns in the street he would ask to see my sketchbook first to decide if it was worth engaging in a full conversation. I don't want to offer unwanted advice but have you tried turning off your flash when you shoot your work because I noticed that this picture has a lot of glare. The flash is usually the lightning bolt button, sorry if you already new this. When is school out for you? Zander

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