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Carmen Doreal Art Blog

Carmen Doreal Art Gallery

by carmen_doreal , March 12, 2009—01:37 PM

Topics: abstract, art, artistic, basic human, beauty, business, dance, enviromental, expressionism, figurative, galleries art, harmony, instinct, life, love, membership, music, peace, peintings, poetry

Carmen Doreal is the artistic name of Carmen Tuculescu Poenaru, poet and painter of Romanian origin who lives in Montr__al, Canada. She is a member of International Academy of Visual Arts of Quebec (, The Circle of Artist, Painters and Sculptors of Quebec (, The Association of Romanian Writers of Quebec ( in Canada and, The Constantin Brancusi Cultural Foundation in Romania. Her works manifest the music of poetry, and poetry of colors, in an original fashion. The writings and paintings of Carmen Doreal fit smoothly into the creations of artists in accessing its emotions.

Through her eyes the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and each color becomes more vivid. She likes to feel the words, and the musicality of the colors, she likes to feel the blues and horses of our dreams; "Watch what you listen, listen what you watch'' Each piece tells a unique story and is a visual record of events both real and imagined. . . . Here is a series of materials depicting basic human instinct with harmony, balance and rhythm. Art is not just art but is a therapy. It__™s a therapy to lighten people__™s mind and make them see insight of the expressions of life. Who will read the poems of Carmen Doreal, or will visit the artist's works gallery, he or she will exit happier, because her "joy of life" is infectious



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