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Bryan Young About Bryan R. Young is a world renowned artist with an extensive portfolio of specialty art works. Self taught from an early age, his mastery of detailed graphite drawing along with his keen perspective and understanding ofOrganic Motion & Structures; Textures & Light; as well as Order & Emotion all makes his talent unique to the art community. His skill-set has been commissioned for Medical Illustrations, Architectural Renderings, Specialty Free Form and Personalized Portraits. Please visit his studio web-site to learn more about Bryan and his works of art. Bryan's gift brings his artwork from pencil to priceless. 2 comments


Bryan R. Young has been developing his natural artistic talents for drawing and painting for as far back as he can remember. Born in Frankfort, Germany while his father was a US Army officer, his parents recognized his natural talent and love for drawing and they helped nurture that talent. Bryan developed his own unique methods and perspectives by exploring different mediums, mechanics and subject matter. Ultimately, he self-taught and learned to master the use of observation, graphite, natural mechanics and structures to capture detail, action and emotion in every drawing. Bryan's early years in high school, he was already a published and recognized artist.

Studying biology at the University of South Alabama, Bryan absorbed the understanding and foundation for his detailed Medical Illustrations. He has been published in numerous mediums and has been commissioned to capture emotion, physical symptoms, and neurological systems all within a single medical illustration.

Today, Bryan is a renowned artist for his detailed graphite drawings and artistic methods. Bryan's portfolio consists of extensive works in custom commissions, commercial artwork, portraits , architectural renderings, medical illustrations and gallery exhibitions. Bryan's attention to detail, biological understanding and a broad range of methods all allows him to capture the finest elements of life, emotion, and mechanics within nature.

Although his artistic talents and mastery are all self-taught, he has a robust collegiate background in Business and Finance. Having been recognized on the Dean's Scholars List at Western Kentucky University (2000), he has also accomplished a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and is currently a Doctoral Scholar (DBA).


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