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Angela Burman About

I am a Visual Arts Graduate from Birmingham City University in the UK and paint because I have to and because I have a passion to create. Mood, memories and experiences allow me freedom to alternate between vibrant, powerful colours to moody neutrals during the painting process. Working with mixed media, such as textured paper, watercolour, acrylic, oil, pastels, charcoal, textiles and found objects often creates a starting point from which a plan begins to form. I work with thin washes and thick layers using brushes and knives creating curved, straight or gestural lines. Some of my paintings are colourful diversions from reality and others have a greater significance. On occasions I choose not to explain my paintings, but allow the audience to become co-creators and finish the story. For example in my abstract figures I offer a small piece of psychological insight leaving the viewer to decide the additional thoughts that they may bring. I believe once the work relates to the viewer on an emotional level the relationship begins. All images copyright of Angela Burman. All rights reserved. QUALITY PRINTS OF MY WORK 4 comments