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Michael Burgess About

Born as Michael Keith Burgess Jr. in September of 1972. Divorced with two children, he lives in Roseville, California. He has two younger brothers and are all very close. His disire for art started at a youthful age of about 5 and has seemed to not stop or slow, yet it has done quite the opposite. Add Comment


Growing up with some art skills Michael learned much in studyingand analysing other artistic works. He is progressing his artistic ability by studying for his Bachelors degree in graphic design. Michael has taken multiple classes that range in design and content. He has even pushed his own abilities to progress in one of the top art schools in the Nation by holding better than a 3.5 GPA. His art has taken him away without even leaving his city. If you have witnessed his work you know what I speak of. This artist/creator has been called an "intelligent imaginator" and "a sure investment" by accomplished art instructors and those that have witnessed his work in galleries and live art shows.


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