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Carolyn Burger Art Blog

You Will Know What To Paint

by burger , September 6, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Still Life, decisions, emotion, flowers, tulips, vase

At times, I find it difficult to decide just what to paint. In fact, that is the hardest thing for me - deciding what to paint! When I paint outside with a plein air group, I am the last artist to decide what to paint. It frustrates me, especially when some artists have already put down half of their painting or more.

I think it is most difficult for me because I need to really like or love what I will paint. It is useless to paint something that doesn't bring out a strong emotion in me. The painting will seem dull or without emotion.

Sometimes though when I see something, I know IMMEDIATELY that I love it and have to paint it. Such was the situation when I saw this vase of tulips on my daughter's diningroom table. It was speaking to me! I had to paint it. My daughter graciously brought to bouquet to my home so that I could paint it as my time allowed. I really appreciate it when my family members or friends show understanding and help me with my artistic needs.

Remember that your paintings will show the emotions you feel.



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