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Carolyn Burger Art Blog

Plein Air Painting In Sedona

by burger , August 10, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Arizona, Sedona, galleries, plein air

A few weeks ago my husband, Ron, and I traveled to Sedona, AZ. I had heard wonderful things from other artists about the beautiful scenery in Sedona, so I convinced my husband to take me to paint there. If you haven't been to Sedona, look it up on your computer. You'll want to go too. There are 87 galleries in Sedona to visit. What a joy they were, but don't think we were able to visit all 87 in one week!!

Unfortunately, the temp was 100-110 degrees the entire week, so I was not able to paint outside more than a couple hours at a time. This painting is of an adobe-like house on the outskirts of Sedona which caught my eye because all the other homes were a reddish-brown color.

We took so many photos of our trip as we traveled in our car, and sooo many at Sedona. I am now working on an oil painting of the mesas we saw while traveling on Rt.44 through New Mexico, which is next to the famous Rt. 66. Somehow the sky out there seems much bigger than the sky in the northeast.



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