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David Earl Miller

David Earl Miller grew up in a small town in southwestern Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has studied at the Butera School of Fine Arts in Boston. David has spent the greater portion of his life as an artist working in the pastel medium. Over the past 30 years David has developed and produced the unique program, ___Presentations in Pastel.___ These memorable events are treats for the eyes and ears. The programs, designed to honor individuals and organizations, feature David's creation of a painting accompanied by a custom soundtrack. They have been performed throughout much of the United States and Canada.

Reflecting over the past few years, David has noted that his paintings have taken a dramatic step forward due to a number of unprecedented experiences___namely, a workshop experience in Scotland headed up by one of the foremost artists in the field, Elizabeth Mowry, and the formation of a good working relationship with artist Patricia Fuhrmann. Together, David and Pat have produced ___Dave & Pat's Funscape Pastel Workshop which has enjoyed immense success in mid and eastern cities in the US.

In recent years David has traveled extensively throughout the Southwest capturing the beauty of that part of the United States. He has produced paintings of The Pecos National Historical Park, the Grand Canyon and locations in New Mexico and Arizona. David has also portrayed the beauty of northern Canada in his Paintings.

David prefers to paint outdoors at the site of his subject. ___I attempt to portray the beauty of each subject as it appears in its natural surroundings,___ says David. David currently resides in Gerry, NY with his wife Dorothy.


Welcome to David Earl Miller's

"Presentations in Pastel"

The Finest Way to Honor

___Presentations in Pastel___ is a delightful combination of sound, music, spoken word and spontaneous visual art that is tailored and adapted to meet special needs, themes and occasions.

___Presentations in Pastel___ is an inspirational, entertaining and truly unique treat for the eyes and ears. It has been called, ___an ice cream cone for the mind.___

___Presentations in Pastel___ is a multi-media program comprising a 30 to 40 minute listening experience accompanied by the creation of a complete beautifully rendered painting. The painting is framed and kept by the requesting group.

Besides the memorable personal tributes honoring individuals, special event presentations have been enthusiastically received by service organizations, businesses, schools, churches of all denominations and many civic organizations.

___Presentations in Pastel___ include:

* Retirements * Weddings * Wedding Anniversaries * Birthdays

* Keynote engagements for conferences and seminars

* Commemorations (personal or corporate)

* Appreciation events (Employee, Volunteer, Individual)

* In-service Programs for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

* Motivational Programs

For further information regarding ___Presentations in Pastel___ contact

David Earl Miller, P.O. Box 122 Gerry NY 14740

Phone: 716-985-4781

___Presentations in Pastel___ is a powerful demonstration of the beauty of life and relationships. I was held spellbound from beginning to end with a few tears thrown in___I recommend the program to everyone!___

Michael C. Arnold, Senior Program Director, Rochester Institute of Technology


Dave & Pat's Funscape Pastel workshop

Welcome to a no-nonsense approach to painting with soft pastels without undue fears and frustrations. Painting in pastels is fun_____and Dave & Pat's Funscape Pastel Workshop is serious about bringing a new found freedom to your painting! We have designed our

Workshop to, not only be a highly enjoyable experience, but also to demonstrate new and exciting techniques in painting with soft pastels. We introduce the medium to the inexperienced, and to the experienced, we promise fresh new approaches to working with soft pastels.

Dave & Pat's Funscape Pastel Workshop is unlike any pastel workshop you have attended! 60 years of combined experience in the medium turn the oh-hum and the big sweat into an exciting learning and doing experience.

The combination of paper used throughout the workshop and the fascinating down-to-earth demonstrations in the use of soft pastels is guaranteed to bring new freedom, confidence and enthusiasm to your landscape painting.

Great demos and good solid instruction from two lifetime pastelists.

Our workshop objectives

* To provide each student a solid foundation and practical working knowledge using soft pastels in landscape painting.

* To the experienced pastelist, a refreshing and challenging approach to rendering landscapes.

* To instill a measure of confidence and enthusiasm for landscape painting in soft pastel that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Some Pastel Facts

* Pure pigment soft pastel is one of the most durable of all painting mediums, lasting centuries.

* Soft pastels are currently being manufactured in unprecedented colors, varieties and consistencies.

* Interest and enthusiasm in the medium of soft pastel has increased dramatically in recent years resulting

in the formation of pastel societies throughout the world.

* Pastel paintings are found in the finest museums and galleries.

If you would like to bring Dave & Pat's Funscape Pastel Workshop to your organization, contact_____

Dave_____David Earl Miller P.O. Box 122, Gerry, NY 14740

Pat_____Patricia J. Fuhrmann 3053 Tempe Drive, Decatur, Il 62521 Ph. 217-429-0513


Biography: Patricia J. Fuhrmann

Born in Cape Giradeau, MO, Patricia loved exploring the woods, fields and creek beds on her grandparents' farm and at the family cabin in the Ozarks. Knowing from the age of 7 that she wanted to be an artist, Patricia majored in art at Southeast Missouri State.

After marrying in 1972 and moving to Decatur, Illinois, she obtained a degree in art from Richland Community College and since has participated in numerous workshops including those taught by Albert Handell, Elizabeth Mowry, Tom lynch and Joseph Fettinguss.

In 1980, Patricia was commissioned to paint over 90 hunting dog portraits for state wide fund raising auctions of the Illinois Ducks Unlimited. The artist used soft pastels for the first time to create her dog portraits and fell in love with the medium. Shortly thereafter she began painting landscapes in soft pastel inspired by numerous trips to the Rocky Mountains, the Southwest, Ireland and Scotland, for which she has received regional and national awards.

Besides working mainly in soft pastels, Patricia also teaches a senior citizen watercolor art group in Decatur. She has taught classes and workshops in the Decatur area for years and has recently partnered with friend and fellow pastelist David Earl Miller to teach workshops.

Patricia has served on the board of the Decatur Area Arts Council for the past three years and is a member of the Pastel Society of America. In 1991, she became a charter member of Gallery 510 Arts Guild Ltd., where she served as president from 1999 -2001. She maintains a studio and shows her work there.


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