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Barbara S. Groff Guestbook



  sadeq ( homepage )

07/10/2017 * 02:46:28

this is so powerfull art in your hand


  Erika ( homepage )

07/20/2012 * 17:47:51

These are frighteningly good! Time to start stdnyiug my dog...and my daughter is getting a cat've set a high bar!What I really appreciate is you've managed to retain the sense of line while still working in values by massing in the forms. And the drawings are quite fresh not labored at all!


  Cheryl Sharp

08/31/2011 * 10:50:27

Congratulations on your Salmugundi award. It is well deserved for your exquisite work.


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

07/07/2011 * 22:37:36

Barbara, your work is just breathtaking. I love the forsythia, the fruit, and other fruit still life pieces. Thank you for your contribution to our world.


  Kathy Wirtz

08/29/2010 * 12:06:38

I just ran across your work on artist ID and I am in awe. I am a graphic artist turned fine artist and I'm loving pastels! But your pieces are like nothing I've seen. I could not believe the attention to detail and realism in your pastels...I would love to be able to ask a few questions about the mediums and supports you use...please contact me if that's a possibility. I know you've heard this many times, but your work is amazing!!


  Kathy Page

07/18/2010 * 07:59:42

It was a pleasure meeting you at Art on the Bank in Groton yesterday, and viewing you incredible work! I was drawn to "Generations"? I think that was the title. It was so simple and yet profoundly dramatic. Now I have to figure out how to get the money to start purchasing!


  Elizabeth Wald ( homepage )

07/08/2010 * 00:04:59

I am awesomed by your work!


  Vicki DeForge

04/25/2010 * 17:37:32

Barbara, Thank you for talking with me at the Academic Show today. I very much enjoyed our conversation and am interested in private lessons. Could you please let me know times and days that might be convenient for you and what you would charge?
Congratulations on your well deserved award. Vicki DeForge


  Randy White

02/19/2010 * 23:04:11

When I first viewed your work, I thought I was viewing a photograph until I read that you work in pastel. Your pieces are amazing!


  Hilda Klinger

09/04/2009 * 18:44:37

The detailing on the fabric is absolutely flawless. You are amazing and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.


  Marcia Capuano

08/14/2009 * 08:36:47


I continually find your work both lovely and amazing. I was very impressed with the detail and beauty of the piece you entered in our Agawam Art Show. I am now even more impressed with your other pieces. Beautiful, Barbara, just beautiful!


  Kevin Varty

04/16/2009 * 13:01:16

Barbara, those apples look like you could pick one out and eat it! Very Nice!


  Elizabeth Gibson

04/16/2009 * 09:00:29

Beautiful work, Barbara. Just beautiful.



04/15/2009 * 23:22:25

I was simply going to put WOW! but I see someone beat me to it.Great Artwork!!!


  Jane Autry ( homepage )

01/04/2009 * 19:10:55

You are where I want to be. Your work is exciting and marvelous! Where did you learn such finesse? And your subject matter is intriguing and satisfying. WOW! I really love your work!


  Angalee DeForest

07/02/2008 * 21:46:27


It's been two years since I moved from NY to Texas. Tonight I was reading again the Pastel Journal article about your award winning painting. Your work continues to amaze is beautiful. I miss the commeradie of the CT pastel society. Am working and teaching here...and finally getting back into competitions. It was a difficult move. Anyway...just wanted to say hello, and congratulations on your award. Best always, Angalee DeForest


  Cuong Nguyen ( homepage )

05/30/2008 * 14:18:49

Your work is amazing. One of the best pastel artists in the world!


  Elise Desautels

02/16/2008 * 07:35:59

Love your work. I have never seen such detail in pastels


  Gael Jenkins

03/23/2007 * 11:25:43

"Blue, Green, and Gold" is breathtaking. Your awareness of fabrics as a sensory extension is almost a 6th sense.


  Bob Gregoire

09/22/2006 * 11:00:42

Wow !!!

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