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Bobbie Salthouse Art Blog

Thoughts about my collages

by bsalthouse , October 29, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: assemblage, collage, found objects

I've started a series of small collages involving bits of rolled up paper from magazines and catalogs. They remind me of little bugs, tiny wrapped packages, (or a few of them even cigarette stubs). I've been combining these little objects I've created with natural objects (such as reeds, bamboo, twigs, and lichen), monoprints and paintings on water color paper.

So what's the sudden fascination with playing around trying to merge these natural and processed materials?

I think there is a sense of humor to these little pieces--the rolled up paper beads can become bug-like, bird-like or even mummy-like and interact with bits of wood in a landscape (and I use the word "landscape" loosely, since these compositions are, as usual, pretty abstract).

Using these combinations of materials I'm also thinking of the interconnectedness of nature with man-made objects. (The paper for the beads comes from wood after all) I'm also transforming a two dimensional object (paper, which transfers information when it's printed on in a catalog or magazine) into a three dimensional object where the text loses its legibility and ability to impart information.

It's sort an "artistic composting" (maybe influenced by the compost heap in my yard, filled daily with odd, colorful bits of food and leaves.)

Finally, it's just a lot of fun to play and make these little compositions--I love arranging the elements and then, when I get a composition that works, I can quickly glue it all together.



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