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Bruce Stam Art Blog

My painting journey

by brstam , January 27, 2008—04:04 PM

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Quite a few years ago I enrolled in a basic drawing class and found that I enjoyed it. At this same time I started doing the exercises in the Right Brain/ Left Brain book, and these were very helpful. However, I must say, after taking basic drawing a few times I developed a distaste for still life drawing.

Eventually, I enrolled in figure drawing, and naturally it was a struggle at first. However, after several years of figure drawing courses and at the same time attending open studio figure drawing I began to improve on my drawing ability. I do believe that it is vital to always be drawing the human figure.

At this point in my life I was taking drawing classes for the enjoyment. Eventually, I decided to add some color to my life I enrolled in a beginning watercolor class. I soon discovered that my drawing abilities would serve me well and I enjoyed painting. It was a struggle at first to manage all the details of watercolor and to relax at the same time and enjoy the process.

I have been fortunate to have been able to study drawing with Henry Stinson and Jane Lieber-Mays among others, and painting with Ted Nuttall and Alvaro Castagnet.





02/12/2008 * 14:12:19

I'm impressed Bruce. I think it is wonderful that you've found something that you are good at and enjoy.

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