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Brian George Williamson Art Blog

tree pastel on old fashioned computer paper (1983)

by BrianWilliamson , August 21, 2012—12:00 AM

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print of pastel sketch on old fashioned computer paper.

inspired by a day when there seemed to be only big shapes and blocks of colour to see. when I realised that the space between trees is special, just as the space between people is.

thinking about shape and space on computer paper is ok, isn't it? computer paper is a maths tool and shape and space is maths!




  Brian Williamson ( homepage )

09/09/2012 * 07:42:07

Dear Caroline,
Thanks for your interest in my old fashioned computer paper piece. Oil pastels, I think ... but it was done along time ago. Yes, I would frame it feeder holes and all! Hope you followed my 'arty logic'. I have just visited your work and recognise a great sence of fun in there too!


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

08/24/2012 * 21:24:51

Did you find enough "tooth" in the old computer paper for regular pastels, or is it done in oil pastels? Whichever, if you frame it, I hope you let the feeder holes and perforated edges show. They do add to the fun of the piece.

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