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Brian George Williamson About

After learning to talk, drawing was how I ordered and expresed my thoughts about the worlds inside and outside of me. To me drawing is more meaningful than non-poetic speach. 1 comment


Dr Brian George Williamson______________s art is a core element of his life.

A graduate in mathematics from the University of Wales, he is most at home with abstractions, reductio ad absurdum, misplaced concepts in the strange imaginary world that often makes up his curiousness!

Brian has virtually no visual perception of depth; he lives in a two-dimensional world, but believes that his imagination has compensated for this timely disability. In his opinion he will never finish attempting to express the magnitude of complex feelings present in the space he occupies. Brian______________s art is an n-dimensional space embraced by a 2-dimensional bystander.

Naturally attracted to controversial alternate approaches, Brian______________s early life and academic pursuits echoed his art. He frustrated his teachers with his _____________slowness of thought______________, and failed advanced level art at college due to his _____________inappropriate______________ choice of media. His supervisors struggled to find an examiner for his controversial doctoral thesis in maths and its applications; and his first teaching post had to be in an alternative community.

Brian is inexhaustibly fascinated by the variety of alternative learning strategies invented by learners from engineers to architects, from children to grandmothers and bonds instantaneously with anyone who tells him they are on the autistic spectrum. He loves to turn things, people and ideas inside out! He believes that this is what they are for.

He had to wait for an unsympathetic gallery curator to retire before being able to hold a sole art exhibition at Theatre Gwynedd in North Wales over Christmas 1986!

He has been taking risks on paper since almost the very start of his life. His dad, a successful small business man always said _____________take risks, my son, but only calculated ones______________. Only for art______________s sake, has Brian ignored his father______________s advice, once or twice, when the going got bad!


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