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Brenda Kimball Newbegin Art Blog


by brendanewbegin , January 7, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: animals, bag, chickens, painterly, purse, wearable art

Often times people love a piece of art but have no room to hang it. I have decided to turn my paintings into functional art, in this case wearable art in the form of tote bags . The Rooster says , " I am perfect for life's daily necessarties,shopping,magazine holder gym or market bag and or whatever. I can hold 30 lbs. I was conceived, painted and made in the US. Please fill me with your snack, wallet, waterbottle, iphone andipad and carry me around so I can see the world! "

Maintenance is easy. A damp cloth can be used inside and out This three dimensional piece of art is available in 4 sizes 7.5 × 9.75 ×4 8.75×11.5 ×4.5 11.5 ×13.5 ×5 11.5 ×13.5 ×8



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