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Tree and Leaf

by Bookwyrme , June 2, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: trees

One of the things that frustrated me to no end when I first began to take pictures was my inability to capture trees.

Oh, I could take pictures of trees, and they would look like trees, but there was never anything in the image to say why I had taken the picture: Why that tree and not some other? What made it special? I kept getting images of leaves, bark, root, and sky all stuck together, but never anything that said "Tree."

Now, I finally think I'm starting to get it. The trees are beginning to show up as individual personalities, as groves, as single, knotted elders, as tangled and mysterious shapes by the path, as, in short, trees.

I am also finally starting to cautiously experiment with new camera angles. Some have turned out pretty well--I like the way the "Eucalyptus" picture works and think it is better for not being straight on. Others still look like mistakes, but then, mistakes are part of the process.




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

06/03/2008 * 16:58:11

Judging by the new images on your homepage, I'd have to agree with you that you are most certainly starting to "get it" in regards to capturing images of trees with a real sense of personality and curiosity. I'm especially fond of Hieroglyph, which is remarkably clever in its simplicity and directness.

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