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Rose Beads--Question for bead makers

by Bookwyrme , May 8, 2008—04:27 PM

Topics: History, Questions, rose beads

Not too long ago, I discovered rose beads and have been enthusiastically and happily making them.

The trouble is I'm running into a difficulty with mold--I've had to throw out two different batches because they molded before drying.

None of the online instructions mention this. For various reasons, I cannot bake the beads, so I'm fairly dependent on the presence or absence of sunlight. Is there anything I can do to help speed drying and/or slow/prevent mold?

Also, does anyone know anything about the history of the beads and the ways they are made? I found a few sites online, but I'm really hoping for a more in-depth look at them. I'm curious about their past, who made them, when, why, how? I'm hoping, in short, for a book (or at least a chapter in one). The net is great, but seldom in-depth and usually does not include sources for further research.

One thing I wonder about is way the Victorians apparently simmered their ground rose petals for days where some people today grind and shape--how much difference is this likely to make in their final durability?

I know there are jewelry makers here--I've been looking at your work.




  Jackie Griswold ( homepage )

07/25/2008 * 05:47:52

While I can't provide a source, I believe rosaries were made of rose petal beads, which is where the name from.

As for drying them, this might be a long shot, but a food dehydrator might work well. And this is a real long shot, but what about putting them in the freezer to freeze dry?

Good luck.


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

05/08/2008 * 19:46:59

I've got some old books on stuff like that I'll take a look. Seems like they leave a lot of information out these days when writing for the internet, assuming you know what they are talking about.


  Jessica Greenlee ( homepage )

05/08/2008 * 18:41:20

I'm working with real roses. The recipes I read called for grinding them fine and then shaping them (some had a time of simmering pre-shaping, some not).


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

05/08/2008 * 18:25:06

Hi Jessica,
There are lots of versions of rose beads, which material are you working with? Real roses, metal, paper,polymer clay? Maybe we can get you some answers.

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