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Stepping Back / Another Blog

by Bookwyrme , February 28, 2008—02:03 PM

Topics: Blog, Cutting back, backward, classes

Just wanting to let people know, I've started a more general purpose sort of blog over at blogspot, here:>.

Also, I'm currently downgrading my membership for a while.

As it happens, I'm doing all this photography stuff backward, kind of--starting an account here and then deciding to take a class.

I spent several years happily running around with my camera, just taking pictures and picking up bits and pieces about composition here and there. It would be inaccurate to say that I am self taught, since with three painters in the family, there is inevitably some conversation about color, composition, light, and other pictorial elements.

However, I don't know a whole lot about the actual camera, at least, not yet. I've been using the "Auto" setting for 99% of my pictures. And, mostly, it's worked.

But lately... Lately I've been getting antsy. You know--auto is wonderful, but it's also really, really bossy.

Ever tried to take a picture of a dragonfly while the camera kept insisting that the twig it was sitting on was more important? Or wanting to get blur on*purpose rather than simply hoping that the motion will turn out right? Or taking a night-time photo while the camera says there is not enough light? Trust me, it's frustrating.

So, I am now finally taking a photography class, learning more about composition and learning how to take charge of my camera.

See what I mean about backward?

Anyway, it turns out the class is not only a great place to learn, it's great fun!

It's also taking time and energy. That is one reason that I'm dialing back on my ArtID account for now. For the time being, I need to stop and think about shutter speed & Photoshop, and printing, and matte cutting, and a whole passel of other things, many of which I probably have not even thought of yet. ArtID has helped me see that I really am serious about this whole picture-taking thing, but right now, I need to concentrate on learning more about what it is I'm doing.

I'll be posting the odd picture on Bookwyrme's Lair, though, and I'll try to rotate the display on ArtID with some degree of regularity (Ok, that's not much of a promise, really, more a fancy way of saying "I'll change the pictures sometimes"). I'll also work on keeping this blog up to date when I post about photography.

And I'll definitely be reading the blogs here, and taking the time to look through the various pictures posted.




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

02/28/2008 * 16:32:03

Kudos to you on taking the next step in your obsession and enrolling in a class. When we can approach learning with the obvious zeal and excitement that you have, it's often surprising how much we can absorb. I'm confident you'll gain a wealth of information that will inspire, improve, and develop your picture taking endeavors. However, a word of caution. You mentioned your going about this process in a backwards fashion. I would have to contend with that. You're going through it in your fashion, and while that may be different than the path most others have taken, it is a path that is uniquely yours. What's more, that path may have a lot to do with how you see world, and more importantly, how you try to share that view with others. There are a number of artists in the history books who are there strictly because they were not "contaminated" by a formal education. So I would suggest gathering as much technical information about of the camera, but closely guarding that unique element that makes your pictures yours.

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