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Jessica Art Blog

The Trivial

by Bookwyrme , February 7, 2008—06:19 PM

Topics: Trivia, beauty, momentous, mundane, wonder

I want to make people smile.

It's that simple. I want them to look at the photo, smile, and go away feeling just a bit happier.

I want to make people smile.

It's that complicated.

I want them to walk away with a different view of the world than they had when they first looked at the photo. I want them to start noticing things, big things, and, most especially, little ones. I want them to rethink their ideas about what is beautiful and what is not.

I want them to look at a cement mixer and realize that, while it makes a terrible mountain view, it makes a great cement mixer. It has its own, intricate beauty partly because of the very functionality that often leads people to overlook it.

I want them to look up and see the shoe that landed on the roof, the palm tree starting in a sidewalk crack, the shadows on the wall, the child's stuffed elephant sitting on the wall. I want them to realize that there is a world of wealth out there.

You see, I am a firm believer in the importance of the trivial and the mundane. We all encounter far more mundane events in our lives than we do big, life-changing ones. Ultimately, all those little events, all those little things, are going to shape and change us at least as much as the big ones.

And I want people to notice.

I want to make people smile.




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

02/08/2008 * 09:48:04

Well reading that made me smile. You know, after having read a few of your blogs now I'm convinced that your writing is every bit as intruiging as your photographs (especially your Just Stuff! pictures, which are by far my favorites).


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

02/08/2008 * 09:09:24

Mission accomplished Jessica,
Those shovels look like my aunts. I think that's hilarious.

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