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Sorting Pictures

by Bookwyrme , January 23, 2008—01:50 PM

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I__™m currently going through the process of resorting all the pictures on the computer, something I find both tedious and fascinating.

Tedious because I did this already (see practical pitfalls below).

Fascinating because I do (I confess) enjoy looking at my own photos and those my family has taken over the years, and because I enjoy trying to figure out what to call something: Does it belong in ___fruits___ because it has an orange in it or does it belong in ___just stuff___ (my favorite category) because the orange is lying in the gutter?

In reality, I don__™t spend too long pondering the question because the answer is usually ___both.___

Which leads to the practical pitfalls and pleasures of sorting.

I currently use Picasa to help keep track of my pictures. With Picasa, I can keep the pictures saved by date, which I prefer. However, I can also tag them by location__"I hope to do some year-round sequences of some places, and by whatever other category I choose. It helps me keep track of the pictures mentally (what with one thing and another I have a lot, of varying quality) and also physically: Sometimes, I want to find a particular picture and knowing what I have tagged it under helps locate it. Saving things multiple times in dfiferent folders stopped being a viable option a while back; there are simply too many of them and it takes too much space.

That said, I__™d still like a better method of sorting, mentally and mechanically. I__™m currently resorting pictures because, as I recently learned, Picasa doesn__™t tag pictures by album. Therefore, if they are moved, say to another drive, all categorizing is lost. Tagging them by keyword apparently leaves a more permanent mark, and that is one part of what I am doing now. So does backing them up using Picasa rather than simply burning them on disk, something I__™m also doing (Did I mention that I am a firm believer in backups?).

Anyway, if anyone has a better, or even just a different, method of keeping track, I would love to hear about it!

It feels decidedly odd to have most of my images in such an ephemeral, unstable form: They are pictures to me and digits to the computer___

Oh, on a brighter note: My favorite category really is ___just stuff_____"the pictures that belong in no special niche but were simply too fun or quirky to pass up. Hopefully, I__™ll start posting more of those soon.




  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

01/24/2008 * 11:04:50

You are so right! Burning data, images, and files to CD as backup is crucial. I have lost some very valuable, really large design files to a computer crash and had to build the whole thing back from scratch, which took days, but once your photos are lost, that's it. Backup also helps to keep your computer from getting bogged down. Images take up a lot of space on your hard drive so archiving can help you keep your computer lean. Well,that's my two cents. I'd like to hear some tracking suggestions myself.

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