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Juggling Next?

by Bookwyrme , November 6, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Questions, Rambling, collage, grumbling-but-not-really

This art stuff is hard.

I mean, it's definitely a good idea to do a little of whatever it is you do every day. One has to break into the habit of seeing for photography, and as for collage, well, there is a knack to paper cutting and arranging that is only partly head-knowledge. The rest, near as I can tell, is practice (I'm still new at this!). And there is a trick to pulling embroidery thread taut but not to tight, one I'm still learning but will only ever master if I keep at it, only I haven't, and the list goes on.

Writing, also, takes time and effort, and any time I let a few days go by between work it's that much harder to face the blank page, to start hearing character voices again, to start writing again.

All of this is better with practice, and all of it is better if the practice is recent.

But... how in the world does anyone ever manage to practice everything in a single day? Or a single week?

Last week, for example, valuable writing time went to fighting Trojans on the computer. Dogs also need walking, dishes need washing, and, and and...

It would probably be easier to choose one medium and stick to that, but who wants to?

All sorts of helpful books burble cheerfully about getting up early to have that extra hour of work, but, well, if I lose that extra hour of sleep I am not cheerful. So, it is a conundrum!

So, how do you manage?




  Jessica Greenlee ( homepage )

11/07/2009 * 23:23:34

Yes, I need to remember that the skills do cross-fertilize.

I tend to feel guilty sometimes, though, for picking up new things instead of sticking to and "mastering" the old.

The grumbling-but-not-really keyword is there because, despite feeling harried every now and again, I also enjoy all this thoroughly and would much rather be trying to balance it all than not doing it.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

11/06/2009 * 18:52:11

How do I manage? I accept that my diverse creative interests mean I can't practice all of them every day. It is enough to have done something creative each day. Since I'm such a generalist, I try to also be a synthesizer--to see the common skills I'm developing in various media. I manage better getting up early and working out early in the day to energize me, but I'm a morning person. It does not work if your body clock yells "Foul!" I think that as you continue you will find each time to return or a creative area the skills come back sooner.

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