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Sunsets and Street Fairs

by Bookwyrme , December 4, 2007—12:00 AM

Topics: Night, Ocean, People, Rambling, Street scenes, Sunset, lights, watching

Tonight I went walking without the dog.

You have to understand: Cinder is a loyal companion and a great friend, and she keeps me company most days, patiently waiting while I stop in odd spots to take pictures and eagerly leading the way on new routes.

But she's terrible in crowds, especially if Other Dogs are around; if there are people nearby, she wants to make friends; if there are other dogs, she starts barking.

So tonight I went alone, and spent a long time on the pier, watching the sun go down.

And, of course, taking pictures.

There was the life guard, standing sentinel on the pier, perfectly silhouetted against the sky.

The family admiring the sunset together, reflected in the lifeguard tower windows.

Catalina Island, outlined against the clouds, too solid to be an illusion, to strange to be real.

And the fast-disappearing sun, slowly taking the light away as it set.

Then electricity took over. Each year the city puts up snowflake lights around the holidays, and tonight their light shown through a light mist, mixing with the very last of the sunset to create an orange glow through which the evening visitors could just be made out.

And there was the street fair.

It is the first time I have gone since the time change, and I was surprised by how much light there was. Bright lights reflected off the fruit, showed up the eerie white faces of the mannequins, and added an extra luminescence to the fruit on display.

And me? I walked with my camera, trying not to miss any detail.




  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

12/05/2007 * 17:42:19

You are a very good writer. Really. I was captivated by your story and now I want to know what happens next? Looking forward to your next installment.

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