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Brain in a Jar

by Bookwyrme , November 27, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Doll making, sewing, sock doll

My latest stuffed critter. To understand this one you need to know that:

1) It was a birthday present for my brother.

2) My brother is a philosophy major.

3) Philosophy majors spend a lot of their time wondering whether or not they are brains kept in jars.



By the way both "Miss Blue" and "Brain in a Jar" as well as a few others owe their existence to John Murphy's Stupid Sock Creatures, the book which first showed me that not all socks want to be monkeys. Murphy is also responsible for providing clear directions on how to give a sock creature lips. I have never made any of the creatures in the book (if memory serves, some of them are incredibly elaborate), but I've gotten hours of fun out of making creatures that never would have existed if I hadn't read it. Murphy has a website , which I've only just thought of looking for & haven't really read through at all. Looks like there is a blog involved, as well, and maybe some other books I'll have to keep an eye out for.




  Jessica Greenlee ( homepage )

12/03/2008 * 12:42:46

Does the brain count on the jar's belief in order to continue existing? Or have the two distinct realities? Do their realities overlap?


  Mary ( homepage )

12/02/2008 * 23:08:01

If the jar believes it's a jar, then it is.


  Jessica Greenlee ( homepage )

12/02/2008 * 11:56:59

Or are we the ones in jars? Is there such a thing as a "jar"?


  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

11/28/2008 * 15:17:52

Is the brain in the jar, or do we perceive the brain to be in the jar?

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