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Still Playing with Photoshop

by Bookwyrme , November 2, 2008—03:02 PM

Topics: Patterns in the Sand, beach finds, photoshop

I posted earlier about playing with Photoshop. I'm still at it!

The sand pictures in particular have provided an opportunity for fun and exploration.

While I have chosen to keep them in their sandy colors and to use Photoshop only as an aid in enhancing the contrast to make the pictures stand out more, the fact that they are primarily patterns means that I try other colors and combinations as well. "Elegance" looks best sandy, I think, but I also like the blue-and-white patterned version below, though I am of two minds about whether or not to further smooth out the grain.





  Michael Mize ( homepage )

11/03/2008 * 22:10:55

Because they are natural occurences, I would be inclined to think that keeping them as close to their original conception as possible is the way to go. They are fascinating enough on their own, they don't need much tinkeing.

I really enjoy the premise of these sand pictures because artistically you are removed from the production, however, they showcase the fact that you have a sharp and clever eye trained on the world around you. It's like the philosophy of Pop Art mixed with the natural sensitivity of Andy Goldsworthy. That's an intruiging mix.

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