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Book Arts Show

by Bookwyrme , October 28, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: book arts, show

I have three books in the upcoming show. One of them, the collage/rhyme book I'm still finishing.

I'll also be helping to set it up, which should in itself be interesting, and I'll be taking my turn watching the room.

The idea here is that people can actually pick up and read the books, which makes me very happy. The third book--the one I'm finishing--is an accordion book and not the easiest to handle, but it is still intended to be read, and the other two definitely are meant to be looked at and touched, not just seen from afar.

There are a lot of neat works in the show, too--I've seen several and look forward, myself, to the chance to pick them up and examine them carefully and at length.

Stop by if you're in the area!



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