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Bobbie Ventura About

I am a self taught portrait artist. I work in oils and some graphite. I work on a commission basis using photographs and the client. People seldom have time for sitting and the digital cameras of today are an excellent reference source. Add Comment


I think I have always had the soul of an artist but I didn't know how to tap into it. As a child I would go around to my relatives and beg for them to sit for me so I could get their likeness down on paper. The desire to draw never faded.

I didn't however get an art education. I instead went into the medical field getting my degree in nursing. I am now retired after thirty years in that profession and I find myself renewing my interest and love of art.

I am happiest when I am in front of my easel. Time and place fade away and find myself in a zone where I've never been. An hour passes as if it were a second and I am astonished at the passage of time.

My husband is most supportive of me and if I stay too long in "the zone" he will gently pull me back to reality.

The world is full of people each different in their own way. I want to find and paint that inner light that we all have that makes us the person we are. If I can sometimes capture that essence then I will be content.


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