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Mari McClellan Artist Statement Recreating nature on any canvas is the greatest tribute to it. My art represents my perception of life with nature; visual exploration, and replication. The passion I have for bringing realism into my artwork is acknowledged when someone feels that they are looking at the original, not a pencil or paint rendition. ___Art is true when it is identifies reality.___ Mari McClellan, March 16, 2005 I try to direct the viewer__™s eye into my art using color, form, and light. My left hand produces what my eyes have absorbed, and in return I achieve my ___applying nature to canvas.___ I use a multi-faceted palette of mediums, vibrant colors, and reality of form which translates to the viewer, the freedom of nature. 2 comments



I am Mari McClellan, and I was born in Beloit, Wisconsin during the summer of 1959.

My early memories are of a family pet in 1961; our cocker spaniel named Mr. Magoo, and the flame colored trumpet vine that grew outside of our living room window.

The vine lured amazingly hypnotic, airborne creatures who repeatedly converged and departed....

hummingbirds. Their beauty and effortless freedom filled me with curiosity.

I studied art in grammar and high school. I did not pursue my art degree as planned, instead trading

my dream for a 17 year long solar home building adventure in the wilderness of New Mexico, with my domesticated pets and the unrestricted wildlife. My lifestyle afforded me the opportunity to witness

wildlife that was unaware of my presence. There is no better studio for capturing art than the wilderness.

The fall of 1997, I returned to academic endeavors, and in 1998, I studied with Barry Ganoe, an art

instructor at TVI in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Barry taught me to see color, and recognize its dimensions.

Through blending and the application of form, I bring blank canvas to life with the layering of color.

Fascinated by wildlife, art was, and is my net for capturing each animal for myself, sharing what I see, via the canvas.

Since those days that seem so long ago, I have moved away from the solar pioneer lifestyle, returned to college to obtain my degree in art, and I am finally regaining the freedom I need to fly.

Mari McClellan

Contemporary Naturalist.... Applying nature to canvas

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