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Betty Leonor About

"Betty Leonor expresses her passion with oils, acrylic and pastels. The raw emotion is apparent in her art, which serves as a visual diary of the artist____™s innermost sentiment." Art Business News Add Comment


I have been painting exactly since my first heartbreak. While some people keep journals... I keep paintings...

Nearly every moment that has moved me, has been celebrated on canvas. It has always been the place where I keep things I've had to let go... and spit out what I could not say. Today my pieces amount to a string of moments that I could not leave without color...or frame. A collection of unkept promises,sights, lived ironies, virtues... those small instances over which we have so little control

... I paint them.

I am self-taught...

and for two decades, I have shared my time between my studio and career.

Only in 2008 did I begin my path of being solely an artist. I am eager to share my evolution and my emerging journey.

Despite the fact that my paintings originated from actual places in my life

... without intent to capture an audience... but simply to highlight or put closure to a chapter in my personal life.

Most of my work has sold straight from my living room walls. They are collected internationally.

I was born in New York City, raised between Philadelphia and the Dominican Republic, and I currently reside in California.


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