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by bini , November 9, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: PayPal, nigeria connection, potential buyer, warning, western union

Last week I recieved an email of an (apparently) australian potential buyer called Stanley Jackson. With the next email he agreed to the price, wanted to pay by using paypal, also that "of course" he will pay the shipping fee for the transport from germany to australia. Another email later he told me that at the moment he's working on a ship so "unfortunately" he can't send money by Western Union, but the shipping company only accepts money revievable this way and they charged 1000.-$ (!!!). One day later I recieved an email of (apparently) paypal. I was told, the money was already payed by Mr. Stanley Jackson, but to credit it to my paypal account I have to pay the shipping company.

Well, I did not pay nothing as I read the nigerian adress of the shipping company.

For detailled informations feel free to contact me!



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