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I am a young Artist that tried going the Graphic Design route. I've decided that it isn't for me. I am going back to my classical Fine Art love. Add Comment


I've been a detailed oriented artist all of my life, my mother has a story from when I was 4 years old. My teacher noticed I would not draw stick figures like the rest of the children. I had to add form to the people I drew. Once I reached middle school I was able to delve into Art Classes, and by the time I was a Senior in High School I started accumulating awards and being noticed on a very small scale, since 2003 every graduate of Tascosa gets to walk home with one of my drawings printed on their diploma. I was able to take two of my drawings to Houston for V.A.S.E during high school. Then I went to a local junior college with the help of some portfolio scholarships. Developed some more skill there, graduated with an A.A.S in Graphic Design. After that I guess I have taken a hiatus no one wants a graphic designer with only and associates. I got a decent Job testing programs for a company but I am at a place now where I am determined to make Creating artwork my livelihood. I am 26 years old and I plan to be using art to support my family soon.


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