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I just sold a painting on artID

by bgarri , December 11, 2011—09:03 PM

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Yes, it's true. It can be done. I sold a painting and that's a big day in the life of any artist. To think someone would fork over their hard-earned money in THIS bad economy to buy a work of art is the ultimate compliment an artist can receive. Many thanks to the buyer and I hope you enjoy the painting for years to come. And this brings me to something that bothers me. People should buy artwork because they LIKE it. NOT because they think it's a good 'investment' or because they think it may be worth more in the future. That reduces art to a commodity and defeats the purpose. I do not see art as an 'investment.' It should be something that lifts one soul and add meaning to one's life. And there is no price tag that can be put on that_____ Continue reading_____ 0 comments




  Rona Black ( homepage )

01/21/2012 * 12:42:46

Congratulations on your sale! It is indeed the ultimate compliment.

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