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Benjamin Garrison

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Moonlight Becomes Her

by bgarri , December 14, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Cubism, Picasso, cubist portait

A woman in a hat drinks a glass of wine as she is enveloped in the moon's glow. Oil on panel with a quality frame. I painted this smaller work a couple years ago and have received many positive comments about it. Like always, I wanted to show how people can still paint using the Cubist style without worrying about copying Picasso or Braque. There are millions of artists who are or who have painted in the impressionist style. That avenue seems too well-trodden to me. I think cubism is a great jumping-off point. It leads down a road where interesting discoveries can still be made. It can lead to a better combination of the intellect and emotions--an artistic synaesthesia so to speak. I have many more cubist-style paintings planned and perhaps that's not even the proper word for them… Continue reading… 0 comments